Registration Fees

InternationalDomesticUMS Alumni
Presenter (Offline)100 USD550.000 IDR500.000 IDR
Presenter (Online)400.000 IDR350.000 IDR
Additional Presenter (Offline)50 USD450.000 IDR400.000 IDR
Additional Presenter (Online)300.000 IDR250.000 IDR
Non Presenter (Offline)30 USD150.000 IDR125.000 IDR
Non Presenter (Online)50.000 IDR25.000 IDR
Additional Paper30 USD250.000 IDR200.000 IDR
  • Selected papers will be published by AIP Conference Proceedings with additional publication fee 2.500.000 IDR/200 USD
  • Paper that selected to be published in the Scopus Journals will be charged accordingly to the journals’APC plus 100 USD
  • Paper that is selected to be published in SINTA 2 Journal will be charged 1.000.000 IDR/75 USD.
  • The payment can be done by transferring to the following account:

    Bank Name: Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI)
    Account Number: 8888505057

  • For papers that will be presented by more than one person, each presenter registers and makes a payment as an additional presenter.

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